Making a Complaint

We are sorry if you feel the need to complain; however, we understand that there may be occasions where you need to let us know when something has gone wrong. Please choose one of the following options to contact us:

What We Need to Know:

When contacting us, we will need to know the following, so that we may investigate your complaint correctly:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your CCSCollect payment reference
  • A contact number
  • A full description of your complaint

If applicable, we will also need copies of your supporting documentation i.e. copies of your receipt.

Getting Back to You

We’ll confirm that we have received your complaint, as well as some guidelines regarding expected timeframes and when you can expect to hear from us:

CCSCollect’s complaints procedure can be found below;
CCSCollect Complaints Process PDF

Keeping You Informed

We’ll keep you regularly updated throughout the process of your complaint about what’s happening. If it looks as though our investigations will take more than eight weeks from when you first contacted us, we’ll provide you with a written update.

Our Final Response

When we have thoroughly investigated your complaint, we will write and advise you of our findings. Our final response will detail what we have found, how we intend to address the issue and, how we have come to this decision

What Can I do if I’m Unhappy with the Final Response from CCSCollect?

In the unfortunate event that you may still be unsatisfied with our final response, we understand that you may wish to take the matter further. In this instance you can contact:

Credit Services Association (CSA) is the UK trade body for the debt collection and debt purchasing industry. CCSCollect is a member of the CSA and abide by its
Code of Practice

Credit Services Association
2 Esh Plaza
Sir Bobby Robson Way
Great Park
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE13 9BA
Telephone: 0191 217 0775

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